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Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry, irritated eyes can affect just about every part of your life, from home, to work, to recreation.  Many people are unaware that they have dry eye syndrome, believing that the discomfort they are feeling is just something they will have to put up with.


The fact is, dry eye is a medical condition that can have a number of underlying causes, each of which is treated differently.  Do you have any of the following eye symptoms?:


  • dryness, burning, or irritation

  • redness

  • vision that changes with blinking

  • eye watering, especially when in dry or windy environments

  • feeling like there something in your eye

  • light sensitivity 

If you have been told you have dry eyes, there is a good chance you might simply be using artificial tears to treat the problem.  If so, you may be missing out on a some very effective treatment, which often does not involve prescription therapy.  

If you would like to find out if the symptoms you are having could be caused by dry eye syndrome, please call our office at 231-946-6095 to schedule an eye exam.  If you have recently had an eye exam, we can perform a specific dry eye workup, to identify the specific type of dry eye you may have, and then develop a treatment plan that will address your symptoms.  

Request an Appointment​

We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule.  

Please call us at (231) 946-6095 or click the link below to send us an appointment request with your preferred date and time.

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