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We strive to provide the most detailed, thorough eye exam you've ever had.  Many of the changes taking place in healthcare today are encouraging doctors to see more patients, and spend less time with each appointment.  Our doctors will spend as much time as necessary to provide a comprehensive eye health assessment, and get the most accurate, detailed glasses or contact lens prescription possible.    


Contact lenses offer incredible freedom from glasses.  Even people who need a reading prescription can wear several different types of contact lenses, which offer an alternative to wearing readers or using bifocals.  Our office is equipped with thousands of trial lenses, so chances are very good that you will be able to leave your fitting appointment with a pair of trials.  If you're coming in for your annual contact lens checkup, and you have not seen us before, please have your latest contact lens prescription, or bring in your boxes or foil tabs so we can see what lenses you are wearing.  

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